JOE DONNELLY is an award-winning journalist, writer and editor. Most recently, he was the executive editor of Mission and State (, an exercise in elegant, dynamic, in-depth digital journalism. Donnelly was hired in January 2013 to start up this nonprofit, Santa Barbara-based project, funded through national grants and local matching funds. When he left in March of 2014, Mission and State had earned a national reputation and had attracted a deeply engaged and dedicated readership. Read More



Joe Donnelly in Zyzzyva

Volume 31, #1, Spring 2015

My short story, “Bonus Baby“, about a troubled pitcher who finds himself in the middle of a perfect game while wrestling with the metaphysics of life and the physics of baseball, is in the Spring/Summer issue of Zyzzyva. Read more on Joe Donnelly in Zyzzyva…


Nott’s Landing

From Winter/Spring, 2015 Montecito Journal 

In the highly unlikely circumstance you found yourself awake and tromping about the extremely isolated desert surrounding Roswell, New Mexico in the early morning of October 24, and you happened to hear a sonic boom and looked up to the heavens and saw something possibly man-shaped piercing the atmosphere faster than the speed of light, rest assured, it wasn’t Iron Man, or distant relatives coming to claim the mythological Roswell Alien.

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Welcome to Wolf Country

Published by Orion

Last year, OR7, the first wild wolf to roam California in nearly a century, met his mate and started a pack in southern Oregon. Sightings of another wolf in the area were reported earlier this week. Author Joe Donnelly took a recent trip to Oregon, retracing his travels described in “Lone Wolf,” his story about OR7 that appeared in the September/October 2013 issue of Orion.

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Lone Wolf

A Forsaken Predator Reappears… From September/October 2013 issue of Orion magazine

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