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    Is Trump manipulating fears to mobilise the masses?

    May 2, 2016 / Huck 55 – The Freaked Out Issue

    Image: © Anthony Gerace

    Fear and loathing in the United States

    WATCHING THE U.S. PRESIDENTIAL primaries play out is like walking down a long hallway lined wall-to-wall with fun-house mirrors. What we see is ugly, twisted and distorted – but in the case of our national politics, nobody seems to know the way out. After all, we are but one FBI interrogation of Hillary Clinton away from an orange-tinted charlatan spray- painting the White House in gold leaf and calling it beeyootiful!

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  • Burdens by Water

An Unintended Memoir
By Alan Rifkin

Published 2016-02-23
Brown Paper Press
214 Pages

    Burdens and Privileges

    March 9, 2016 / Los Angeles Review of Books

    Burdens by Water: An Unintended Memoir, by Alan Rifkin, Published 2016-02-23, Brown Paper Press, 214 Pages

    ALAN RIFKIN has been something of a talismanic figure in my life. I’m sure this is news to him because despite his generous thanks to me in the back of Burdens by Water: An Unintended Memoir for not butchering a couple of his pieces when I was an editor at the LA Weekly (it would take a particularly venal editor to manage that trick), we barely know each other. Long before I had the good fortune of working with his prose, though, I had heard of Rifkin by way of an editor who had sponsored both of us many disruptions ago. This editor was known as a writers’ editor, and also, perhaps, for having a weakness for “cute-boy” writers, some of whom she praised as “Capital W” writers.

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    It’s Always Darkest Before the Dawn

    Originally published in Huckmagazine

    Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson may well be climbing’s first household names. But not everyone knows the demons they stared down when they completed the world’s toughest free climb.

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    Nott’s Landing

    From Winter/Spring, 2015 Montecito Journal 

    IN THE HIGHLY UNLIKELY CIRCUMSTANCE you found yourself awake and tromping about the extremely isolated desert surrounding Roswell, New Mexico in the early morning of October 24, and you happened to hear a sonic boom and looked up to the heavens and saw something possibly man-shaped piercing the atmosphere faster than the speed of light, rest assured, it wasn’t Iron Man, or distant relatives coming to claim the mythological Roswell Alien.

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    What One Wolf’s Extraordinary Journey Means for the Future of Wildlife in America

    Published by TakePart


    ON FEB. 5, 2014, THE WORLD’S MOST FAMOUS WOLF woke up somewhere along the Oregon-California border, very likely in the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument, a landscape of Alpine forests and grassland valleys. For the better part of a year he had been making his home in this place where the Cascade, Klamath, and Siskiyou mountains converge.

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JOE DONNELLY is an award-winning journalist, writer and editor. He is currently Visiting Assistant Professor or English and Journalism at Whittier College.

Donnelly's short story "Bonus Baby", published in the spring/summer 2015 issue of  Zyzzyva, is featured in the 2016 O. Henry Prize Stories Collection as one of the 20 best short stories of the year.

His work has appeared in the Los Angeles Review of Books, Huck, Los Angeles Weekly, Los Angeles Times, takepart.com, Washington Post, and many more. Read More


O. Henry Prize Stories Collection Is Here!

O. Henry 2016Joe Donnelly’s “Bonus Baby” brings us to the ball game but from inside the very center, from the pitcher’s point of view. The story takes place during a game—not just any game but a possible perfect game. We see how the pitcher’s life has led him to this moment.

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The Iconic James Goldstein and the Lautner Legacy

The man at his man cave. Photo by Steve Shaw, Treats Magazine

The man at his man cave. Photos by Steve Shaw, Treats Magazine

IN A GLASS-FRAMED  photo on a glass desk in a glass and concrete house high on a hill, is pictured a fit young man with shoulder-length, shaggy hair. The man is resplendently dressed in a white, high-collared long-sleeve shirt, crisp, white slacks and black dress boots—a dandy in waiting, it would seem. The man in the photograph is years—maybe decades—away from his unlikely notoriety, but he already looks famous, like the DNA of a young Paul Simon and Doors-era Val Kilmer somehow collided. In his hand is a leash attached to an equally turned out Afghan hound. The dog is important, once the love of his life, the man has said. And it was for that dog that this whole thing started.

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Father Pop


How Mike Salisbury defeated communism with sex, drugs and rock and roll. 

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Scott Mitchell: The Pull of Space and Light

Published by Treats! Magazine

Image © Steve Shaw

IF YOU’VE EVER DRIVEN up the Pacific Coast Highway looking for a piece of sandy respite away from the maddening crowds, or maybe you’re lucky and this stretch is your way home, you’ve probably noticed Nobu restaurant, a sleek slice of contemporary modernism on the beach side of the road just south of 70s kitsch that marks the Malibu Pier.

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