Father Pop


How Mike Salisbury defeated communism with sex, drugs and rock and roll. 

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“Bonus Baby” Selected for 2016 O. Henry Prize Collection


May 19, 2016 By Literary Hub

We are very happy to announce the O. Henry Prize Stories for 2016, edited by Laura Furman, which will appear in an eponymous anthology this September, from Anchor. Read selected stories here:

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Sunday Drive with Joe Donnelly – Home is where the ART is

Multimedia artists Melanie Sue Berry and Craig Stecyk
Photo by Hank Cherry

Sunday Drive with Joe Donnelly – Into The Wild


Sunday Drive with Joe Donnelly


A ploughman’s lunch at Pepe’s

Some strip-mall asada proves that everyday meals can also be great ones.
Originally published in The Argonaut Newspaper

Is there anything a cane-sugar Mexican Coke won’t cure?

I had one with my meal at Pepe’s Tacos the other day — right out of the tall, sexy, sweaty bottle — and my precognitive osteoporosis disappeared immediately. A hangnail that was thinking about hanging thought the better of it, and the inevitable bad breath from the Pepe’s Supreme burrito and three-taco combo plate I was about to eat passed me by as if I’d put lamb’s blood on my esophagus. It seemed to have landed on the guy eating a burger combo with fries at the booth next to me.

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The Spark At Rest

Posted August 20, 2014 by The Argonaut in Columns

Jay Adams, the coolest of the Z-Boys cool, 1961 – 2014

By Joe Donnelly

Jay Adams rides again during the April 12 Flex Jay Boy Classic at the Venice Skatepark | Photo by Edizen Stowell

Jay Adams rides again during the April 12 Flex Jay Boy Classic at the Venice Skatepark | Photo by Edizen Stowell

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Robert Oshatz



The Portland-based architect — who has designed everything from the floating Fennell Residence to the magical Miyasaka Residence in Japan — mines his spiritual, emotional, poetic and structural depths to create his “from the inside out” architecture. TREATS! meets one of the masters of organic architecture to talk wood and stone, learning to design in reverse order and how to “solve the problem in  a beautiful way.” by Joe Donnelly

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Citizen Beck

Originally published in the LA Weekly ~

When I moved here 10 years ago, Beck’s Odelay was a constant companion, like the sun, the smog and the Tapatío sauce in which I’d drown my tacos.

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