Welcome to Wolf Country


Published by Orion Last year, OR7, the first wild wolf to roam California in nearly a century, met his mate and started a pack in southern Oregon. Sightings of another wolf in the area were reported earlier this week. Author Joe Donnelly took a recent trip to Oregon, retracing his travels described in “Lone Wolf,” […]

Heroes of the Deep Blue

Originally published in Malibu magazine El Porto is the perfect Santa Monica Bay surf break, though not because a coincidence of underwater geography makes thewaves there a little bit bigger and more consistent than most local breaks. That helps, but to me it’s so perfect because its inherent contradictions incorporate our strange, dichotomous relationship to […]

The Monster Out of the Box


Originally published in The Surfer’s Journal A Sandow Birk Omnibus THE GUEST OF HONOR IS DRESSED IN SLACKS, SENSIBLE SHOES, and a button-down shirt that was possibly ironed. Handsome in a retro, California beach boy way, with hair neater than a dry gin martini, he looks more like someone who stepped out of a Jan and […]

Santa Barbara Modern


Originally published in The Surfer’s Journal (photos are ©Morgan Maassen) MORGAN MAASSEN drives onto a crowded Stearns Wharf and nearly takes out a half dozen pedestrians on his approach. Not because he’s aggro, but because he’s enraptured telling me about Sandspit, the notorious break just a strong 9-iron chip across a lagoon from the end […]

Lone Wolf


A Forsaken Predator Reappears… From September/October 2013 issue of Orion magazine

The Homecoming of The Wolf


From September issue of Vegas7 After near-extermination – the gray wolf has experienced a Western revival. This is the story of the first one to return to California—and the forces ranged against it.

God Only Knows


Originally published in Vegas 7 I was well into adulthood before I could listen to the Beach Boys. And by listen, I mean listen. Because it’s easy to just listen to the Beach Boys, the songs are just too catchy not to, even in passing. But for the longest time, I kept them in the […]

Contemplating Cassady


Originally published in Huck Magazine The Peculiar Appeal of the Rebel Muse Are you you? Or are you who it/they/the system wants you to be? A look at the enduring appeal of Neal Cassady and the rebel muse. ’I know you rider, gonna miss me when I’m gone’ – traditional blues song, covered by the […]

Shaun Tomson – Magic and Loss


Originally published in Huck Magazine There was a tipping point in surfing history when the door of possibility was busted open wide. And Shaun Tomson dealt the final blow. As the first South African World Champion, his transgressive energy helped legitimate surfing as a professional sport. But the determination he showed back then was nothing […]

The Pirate of Penance

Pirate of Penance

Originally published in Slake: Los Angeles, issue #1 “Still Life”, summer 2010. Featured in We Dropped A Bomb on You: The Best of Slake I-IV, spring 2014 Mystic Beginnings When Lorey Smith was 12 years old, her father loaded her and her brother into his black 1965 Mustang and drove them down the Pacific Coast […]