First-time Dad at 50: Planned parenthood


Column 8 – Misadventures at the male fertility clinic

First-time Dad at 50: Hello, wife


Column 7 – Something else was born before the day our baby came into my life

First-Time Dad at 50: A rock and a hard place


Column 6 – The only thing more lonesome than a Thanksgiving alone is dating after divorce.

First-Time Dad at 50: Learning to fly


Column 5 – It’s one step up, two back, one sideways and, if you try hard, three steps forward.

First-Time Dad at 50: Surf, Box, Play Ball!


Column 4 – Or one man’s version of Eat, Pray, Love.

First-Time Dad at 50: Am I dead yet?


Column 3 – This is what happens when your life goes to pieces.

First-Time Dad at 50: Leaving Las Vegas


Column 2 – What happens in Vegas… Can change your life.

First-Time Dad at 50: My Daughter Arrives


Column 1 – The day she was born, things got real, real fast.

Mutt and Joe

first published in the Los Angeles Weekly a long time ago. by Joe Donnelly A beautiful day in my neighborhood begins with a cup of coffee and my dog, Max. Together we indulge in an early-morning stroll along the root-mangled sidewalks of Bronson Canyon. He sniffs. I sip. I wonder what happened to my youth; he […]

The Spark At Rest

Posted August 20, 2014 by The Argonaut in Columns Jay Adams, the coolest of the Z-Boys cool, 1961 – 2014 By Joe Donnelly Jay Adams rides again during the April 12 Flex Jay Boy Classic at the Venice Skatepark | Photo by Edizen Stowell Maneuvering softly through last week’s screaming headlines about the passings of Robin […]