Mutt and Joe

first published in the Los Angeles Weekly a long time ago. by Joe Donnelly A beautiful day in my neighborhood begins with a cup of coffee and my dog, Max. Together we indulge in an early-morning stroll along the root-mangled sidewalks of Bronson Canyon. He sniffs. I sip. I wonder what happened to my youth; he […]

You Only Go Around Once

Originally published in the LA Weekly ~ My dad visited me in Los Angeles several years ago. It was early summer, could have been right around Father’s Day, and he loved it here — the weather, the cars, the girls, the style, the smarts, the energy, my friends, my future wife. My dad was like […]

Straight Man in West Hollywood

Originally published in the LA Weekly ~ The whole thing happened so fast, fueled as it was by the kind of mania that comes with being near the end of some kind of run that could only end in disaster, or a song. Before I knew what it was I was doing, I had everything […]

The Loneliest Road In America

Originally published in the LA Weekly ~ Route 50 is a capricious, two-lane highway running through the middle of Nevada and westernUtah like a sclerotic artery. It has the audacity to call itself The Loneliest Road in America. Nevada, at least, has a sense of humor about Route 50 (does Utah have a sense of […]

Driving Vince Donnelly

Originally published in Los Angeles Times Magazine ~ The valet at the Pittsburgh airport rental-car office brings around our white Lincoln Continental and Vince Donnelly raises his eyebrow slyly and says to me, “If I’m going to go, I’m going to go in style.” A bit of subversive humor from my dad that I well […]