Sunday Morning in Echo Park

Sunday Morning In Echo Park

Wildflowers light up the hillsides

Explosions of color like a terrestrial fireworks display

Coffee spills on my undershirt, of course

The bees don’t notice

Two chickens in their walk

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Of course I’m sad
I just watched Reality Bites
On cable
And I’m of that age
When watching Reality Bites
Will make you sad

Planet of regret
Sitting on my shoulders
And what have you

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Broken like what?
A still day?
A rippled night?
A banished tooth in a deer’s leg?
Like syntax,
Innocent, illegal and knowing,
That’s been knocked onto the floor
To be swept up later?

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Chicken of the Sea, Part III: Return

A warm breeze rushes
Across shallow water
Your skin bleeds
Like a daughter
The sea you said
Is from where
You came
They dug you out
You got your name

The salt formed the sand
The sand made your locks
The girl in your heart
Put your heart in a box

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Chicken of the Sea, Part Two: Desert Crossing

The words fell out of the sky
Like bullets or frogs…
Name your poison
Everyday a new gift
From a different horizon
How mysteries grew
Like moss from dew
In the middle earth
Between us

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Night Swimming

Was today Saturday?
I asked someone at the end of the day
He didn’t know either
These things don’t matter so much
in LA
where one day
runs into the next
and time is as hard to divide
as air

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The guy on my couch
has been kicked out by his wife
He deserved it
I suppose
The way all men do

See, we’ll keep putting those straws
On the camel’s back
Until we’re told not to

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Chicken of the Sea, Part One: Urban Myth

I thought you were mulatto
Or at least a Latina
Because I don’t remember
Ever before
Seeing hair like a waterfall
Or an ass like dance floor
On a white girl, anyway

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I don’t know if it really happened
or how I still see
the light on their smiles
as they danced under the tree
in your backyard
where we did play
with the balls and bikes
on that beautiful day

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Reel Life

I’m stuck in a movie
It’s not of my life
It is my life
Sucked from my body
And rendered by some sorcery I can’t fathom
into a 24-frames-per-second panorama
playing in surround sound
that splits my consciousness
between the front row
And the big screen

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