Sunday Morning in Echo Park

Sunday Morning In Echo Park Wildflowers light up the hillsides Explosions of color like a terrestrial fireworks display Coffee spills on my undershirt, of course The bees don’t notice Two chickens in their walk Cock their heads to the side And take account Warbling contentedly My dog inspects a creature’s burrow On our secret country […]


1994 Of course I’m sad I just watched Reality Bites On cable And I’m of that age When watching Reality Bites Will make you sad Planet of regret Sitting on my shoulders And what have you I remember your dark eyes And beautiful breasts You walked like Winona And I played guitar In a coffee […]


Broken like what? A still day? A rippled night? Wings, water, windows? A banished tooth in a deer’s leg? Like syntax, Innocent, illegal and knowing, That’s been knocked onto the floor To be swept up later? Broken beyond what? Money, conversation, messages, white couches on beige carpet, discovery, case studies, journals – personal and peer-reviewed, […]

Chicken of the Sea, Part III: Return

A warm breeze rushes Across shallow water Your skin bleeds Like a daughter The sea you said Is from where You came They dug you out You got your name The salt formed the sand The sand made your locks The girl in your heart Put your heart in a box Before me you hover […]

Chicken of the Sea, Part Two: Desert Crossing

The words fell out of the sky Like bullets or frogs… Name your poison Everyday a new gift From a different horizon How mysteries grew Like moss from dew In the middle earth Between us Intrigue to intrigued If you don’t mind me saying The music and the melody Wrung from the strings you were […]

Night Swimming

Was today Saturday? I asked someone at the end of the day He didn’t know either These things don’t matter so much in LA where one day runs into the next and time is as hard to divide as air Never fear my dear Saturday will come when it’s good and ready Like your freeway […]


The guy on my couch has been kicked out by his wife He deserved it I suppose The way all men do See, we’ll keep putting those straws On the camel’s back Until we’re told not to But we’re never told Until it’s too late Is that our fault? I suppose He has a dog […]

Chicken of the Sea, Part One: Urban Myth

I thought you were mulatto Or at least a Latina Because I don’t remember Ever before Seeing hair like a waterfall Or an ass like dance floor On a white girl, anyway But then came your eyes Reptile green and too ready To start a war or a cyclone Like Salome Or some other femme […]


I don’t know if it really happened or how I still see the light on their smiles as they danced under the tree in your backyard where we did play with the balls and bikes on that beautiful day There you were at the grill turning the tenderloin so we’d have our fill Laughing with […]

Reel Life

I’m stuck in a movie It’s not of my life It is my life Sucked from my body And rendered by some sorcery I can’t fathom into a 24-frames-per-second panorama playing in surround sound that splits my consciousness between the front row And the big screen What I see isn’t good or bad just slightly […]